Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Time with the children - Day 2

My morning began spending time with the kindergarten and reception children. Some of these children arrive before 7am and travel long distances. Some of the staff take three hours to get to work due to the traffic and distance. Each year level has a shared area, similar to our gallery, which is set up for free play. Here there are opportunities for dramatic play, drawing, painting and construction. All classes are out here together from 7.30 until 8.30, some playing outside. The very high ratio of staff means plenty of relaxed interaction with the children and time for organisational tasks such as returning readers and preparation of portfolios and self assessment tasks. The atmosphere was calm and quiet, yet busy and engaging. The kindergarten children had swimming this morning, as they got changed I could hear them saying: "I am independent", as they put goggles and bathers on. In the reception class the teacher also used the PYP terminology: "You are a risk taker having a go at writing and I can see you are gaining confidence."
In preparation for the student led conferences, I was a parent for one of the kindergarten children to practise, who showed me around the room, expressing an understanding of the unit of inquiry and other displays in the room and shared area. Each family can book in for one hour, with 4 students there at the same time. This gives them plenty of time in the different areas.
I enjoyed a traditional lunch at a roadside cafe (warung) served in brown paper. It cost 80 cents and was great! (Some say I was a risk taker!)
I am currently in the year 4 class, they are discussing; research process six steps, lots of questions from the children and all in Bahasa Indonesia.
- Liz Bawden-Nixon


At Tuesday, September 13, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Liz,
It sounds like you are having an enjoyable and thought provoking visit to SGJ. I would love some information about the structure of the day and how planning times are organised and coordinated to include specialists. We are all going to have a look at the blog in our briefing tomorrow and bring attention to your travels and experiences so that all our children can learn from and discuss your reflections. Look forward to reading many more exchanges between our children and teachers and the children and teachers at SGJ over the next week. If the children have any questions about Australian animals, I'm sure the yr4s would love to respond to them as they have been inquiring into endangered animals in Australia.
Chris Mcnamara
Director of Primary Curriculum
St Leonard's College

At Tuesday, September 13, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Liz,
it is wonderful to read your messages and to know you have already shared one of the books you too! I was interested to read that the year 4 were discussing the Big 6. Do you think it was/is useful? Did they understand this process do you think? ALSO interested that the specialists demonstated a truly integrated approach & VERY keen to hear more about this. Continue to experience and enjoy!
regards Kaye

At Tuesday, September 13, 2005, Blogger Sekolah Global Jaya said...

Hi St Leonards,

SGJ management team have chosen 2 dedicated and passionate PYP staff members to come to you in Melbourne in the middle of November, 2005.

I will forward more details to you soon but both are looking forward to a real "aussie" experience....the candidates will be in touch via this blog and email soon. Both have already spoken with Liz and will have a meeting with her before she leaves Jakarta to inquire about 'school life' at St Leonards.

I am going to give Liz a cd with all of the student-led conference stuff we use here for,students, parents and staff. Hope you find this useful!

Allison Stekelenburg
(PYP coordinator - SGJ)

At Tuesday, September 13, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Liz,
What a fabulous time you must be having, although, I think having to write a diary entry every day would stress me to the max. Challenge that non preferred learning style: verbal linguistic! Will pass on the questions to my year 4's after lunch today and hopefully, time permitting, some will reply. I would also be interested in setting up a buddy/pen pal arrangement with the year 4's that we could continue throughout this year. let me know if there's interest and I'll send a class list or visa versa.

continue to make the most of every moment. jane L year 4

At Tuesday, September 13, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Liz and everyone at SGJ,
This is a fabulous way of communicating...our great world seems a little smaller and yet more exciting every time technology brings us all a step closer.
It was great to hear about the language/terminology being used by the children. This is something which strikes me about the PYP. It is a language and by reading, writing, listening and speaking it, we do feel a part of the "culture", regardless of where we are in the world.
The photos and diary entries have been a great way of us all taking part in this experience.
Those of us who attended the PYP workshops at Wesley from Sunday - Tuesday have had a fabulous time.
All the best,
Bernadette Dowling
St. Leonard's College

At Tuesday, September 13, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

your tuck shop food sounds great. I love the food here it is so nice
we have a tuck shop here too and the food we have in Australia is chips, biscuits, sausage, rolls, hot dogs, pies,& sandwiches. do you know about Aussie rules football? I barrack for the Lions.
but not as

In answer to your question about snow: no it doesn't really snow in the city but on the mountains it does. Afew weeks ago it was the coldest day in Melbourne and it snowed around farm areas close to the city. I don't think our weather is a hot as INdonesia because you're close to the equator.. Does it rain very often there?

Your unit of inquiry, 'Send me a message' sounds very interesting. We think its probably about ways of communicating. are we right?
We would really love it if you would be interested in being our penpals. some of us all tried to get onto this site at the one time but we can't. Only one person can use it at a time. we might have to get our own email address.

How many students are in Year 4?

hope to hear from you again soon from your friends in Year 4L at St. Leonard's College

At Tuesday, September 13, 2005, Anonymous Roger Hayward said...

Hi Liz,

Glad to hear all goes well. As one who has never liked a long drive to work, I sympathise with the teachers who are travelling for up to 3 hours. They must have a lot of CDs to listen to in their cars. I have just finished interviewing for the vacant Japanese teaching position at McMillan house and we are about to appoint a real star. It is great that so many excellent teachers want to work at St Leonard's.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.



At Wednesday, September 14, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Year 4 - St Leonards,

We are the year 4 expat teachers at SGJ, Anne and Allison.

We would love to set up a pen pal partnership with the Year 4's in Melbourne.

We have 53 Year 4 students at SGJ. How many Year 4 students are at St Leonards??

Send me us an email:

Allison - Year 4 teacher, PYP coord

At Wednesday, September 14, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi this is Katya and Ula,

we can answer some of your questions.. there are 52 students in Year 4 at SGJ.

Yes we want to be pen pals...that would be great!

We have 3 year 4's... 4H 4I and 4D...

You are right about our UOI it is all about how we communicate with each other...

From your friends in 4H...

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