Monday, September 11, 2006

Day 2

Hi to everyone in the St Leonard"s community. I'm glad you all managed to decode my last entry. Have just reread it and didn't realise it had so many typo errors in it! Couldn't find the spellcheck on the blogger, so will try a little harder to make my mind keep up with my fingers. Actually, it was a test for the Year 4's to see how many errors they could pick up!!.
This is a very late entry toda. Unfortunatley I have no access to the internet at my host house and we headed off at 7:00 am this for the PYP Dunia (world) network meeting at Sekola Pelita Harapan, another PYP school situated in another part of Jakarta. There were representatives from all over Indonesia: Bali; Jakarta, West Java and it was a wonderful opportunity to speak and listen to all they had to share about their PYP journey. Most of the people there were coordinators for their respective schools. I did us proud! I was asked to speak a little bit about the exchange program between Global Jaya and our school and after yesterday's presentation to the staff here, I'm feeling pretty comfortable about public speaking. The tapping is working!
I gave them a brief overview of the types of PD inservices and workshops available to us and then had them up and moving: used the attitude cardsI use with year 4 for some spontaneous role plays; showed them our draft critical thinking scope and sequence and then got them to work in groups using the thinkers keys; played some games for the workshop and also talked briefly about BrainGym. It's very hard to be effective in 1 hour but they all seemed to enjoy it and were very positive.
With that stress out of the way, Carmel and I went to a 'Salon' for a well earned body massage. Sheer bliss! Although it was quite firm and certain parts she touched were very tender, I just floated out of there when it finished.
I am now about to visit year3 and observe them pracitising for thier Student Led conference. I hope my awsome year 4's are having a wonderful time. It certainly sounds like it. Many thanks for all your messages. I will endeavour to get onto the net by 7:00 tomorrow so you can access this earlier. Stay happy and remember to make the most of every moment!


At Tuesday, September 12, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear mrs L hopefully you got my to read my message oh and guess what i'm the first submitter i went to check if you had submitted and thought i might write again.
today on the 12th we learnt how to log onto this website and by the way i'm writing from home on the computer on the 12th it's pretty weird after writing from so yeah i will probably write to you tomorrow so yeah bye from Lachie.S

Ps is motor bike taxi thing cool?

At Tuesday, September 12, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Jane,

WOW! It sounds like your having a great time. The massage sounds fantastic. I think those of us left behind here at St Leonard's need a decent massage and relaxation time . . . not long to the holidays . . . Yay!

I hope you are learning lots and are gathering some great ideas to bring back and share with us all. Your conference today must have been enjoyable. It is always fun to meet people from all over the world at PYP workshops in Australia, I can only imagine how you felt meeting all the indonesian PYP staff.

Well, I will keep this short. I am sure that you will have many more messages to read along with this one. Stay safe and continue to enjoy your time.

Best wishes,

St Leonard's PYP Coordinator

At Tuesday, September 12, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Lachie, yes I received all your messages but am finding it haard to find the time to message back to everyone individually. Can you pass on my apologies to all and tell them that the diary entries are for them and that I am thinking of you all and missing you heaps. What do you think about stormbreaker coming out as a movie? woooo who!

At Tuesday, September 12, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jane is definetely a risk taker!!

She has been embracing everything she can put her finger on since she arrived. We admire her energy and enthusiasm and staff at Global Jaya really enjoys having her around..


PYP coord

Global Jaya

At Tuesday, September 12, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Ibu Jane,
How do you like the school?
We hope that you enjoy your day in this school!!!
How do you think the students has been acting?
Are they polite?
Well see you again tomorrow.

Sekar 5A SGJ

At Tuesday, September 12, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Ibu Jane, It's Sarah again I hope you had a great time here in SGJ.I hope you could bring your students to SGJ so we all could become friends.I also hope that we could come and visit your school.

From,Sarah5a SGJ
PS.Can u ask ur students to become penpals with us? xoxo

At Tuesday, September 12, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Ibu Jane,Hi my name is nio i am from class 5a my teacher are ibu Endang,Pak Harry and my comments are how old you are? and what class you teach? do you teach year 4 or year 5.

From: Nio 5A SGJ

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