Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Day-1: The Cool Day

Hai, my name is Endang. I have been teaching at Sekolah Global Jaya, Indonesia for more 10 years. Classes I have taught are year 4, year 5 and year 6. Now, I am a year 5 class teacher. I am so lucky that my school give me chance to go to St Leonard's College in Melbourne. I said to myself, my dream is coming true.
Since I departure from The Soekarno-Hatta Aiport Jakarta to the Melbourne, I can't stop thinking and asking myself about everything regarding the teacher exchange program. What do people in St Leonard's College look like? (Form), How does the school work?(Function), How is the St Leonard's College connected to Sekolah Global Jaya?(Connection), What are the points of view of St Leonard's College about "multiculturalism"? (Perspective), What is my responsibility to keep 'friendship' amongst us?(Responsibility) and How do I know that we are in an IB world school?(Reflection).
Don't be wondering, as PYP teacher wherever I go, I always keep in mind the key concepts and related questions. Eh...ah!

Day 1- the cool day
Like a new student, I little bit nervous to go to school. In fact, all of my problem has gone, because all of teachers and staff in St Leonard's are so kind. Thank you for accepting me. After wellcome by Keith and Jane, I get school tour. Keith guide us to go arround ELC (Early Learning Center) and primary building. It is a wonderful school facility.

Selanjutnya aku mengunjungi kelas 3. Ada dua kelas paralel.Mereka sedang belajar tentang membaca. Mereka menggunakan metode "Rotation activities". Terlihat sangat menarik. Anak-anak antusias mengikutinya. Selain kelas 3, aku juga ke kelas 4. Kelas 4 juga menyajikan suatu kegiatan yang menarik lewat 'rotation activities' dalam pelajaran Matematika. satu hal yang menarik saya melihat, guru begitu menekankan problem solving bagian dari berpikir matematika.

Akhirnya kita sampai di akhir pelajaran yaitu assembly. Mereka menyebutnya mini assembly, yaitu kelompok kelas 1 dan 2 serta kelompok kelas 3 dan 4. Semuanya menyajikan pertunjukan yang bagus. Pada kesempatan kelompok 3 dan 4, kami diberi kesempatan berbagi pengalaman. Pada saat ini pula kami memutar DVD suatu film dokumenter karya kelas 5 Sekolah Global Jaya yang berjudul "Angklung". Video ini dibuat dalam rangka Panasonic Competition tingkat nasional tahun 2006. Murid-murid St Leonard's sangat menikmati video tersebut.

Endang Puji Astutik
Sekolah Global Jaya


At Wednesday, March 21, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Endang and Yohana,

You look like you are having so much fun!!!!! I can imagine how you two are enjying your itme with both staff and students at St. Leonards.

I am also enjying Hongkong at the moment and I'd llike to send my regards to everyone in St.Leonards..

Don't have too much fun without me!!!!! :)

Hamidah/PYP coord
Global Jaya

At Wednesday, March 21, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Endang and Anna,
The children in the Early Learning Centre really enjoyed your visit on Tuesday to our classroom. During our morning meeting we were able to ask you many questions about the differences in our two comminities. The teacher exchange is a wonderful way for our children to experience first hand, the richness of our diverse world.
Last night we enjoyed a walk on our beach followed by dinner with a special guest: SGJ's Ibu Anne who is now teaching at Wesley. Anne enjoyed catching up with you both and all the news from Jakarta.

Liz Bawden-Nixon
St Leonard's College

At Thursday, March 22, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Yo and Endang,

The end of our term break is approaching, you two better start packing up all the shoppings bags and 'memories' you have had in Australia :)

Please pass on my gratitude to all staff and students for looking after both of you. I hope one day I would have a chance myself to visit St.leonards and say hi to everyone, especially the early years students.

I can't wait to see you both on Monday and swap stories..

Have a safe flight home


PYP coord-SGJ

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